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        Pommes Frites isn't an ordinary shop, but a specialty shop serving authentic Belgian fries, or as the Belgians call them, "pommes frites." You won't find many seats here, but you will find the tastiest treat in town. Pommes Frites means premium double-fried potatoes, crunchy on the outside, and soft inside: self-indulgent and pleasurable.

         The atmosphere is intimate and warm, the packaging and signage are unique. Pommes Frites isn't only selling affordable food, but excitement and an experience, too. There is no fancy skill involved, but there is a trick. The potatoes are fried twice. The first time they are cooked through. The second time provides a golden color and makes them deliciously crisp.

          Europeans have been eating their fries with everything but ketchup for many years, and now Americans may also have the best crispy fried potatoes with their choice of sauce. Americans (those who have experienced Pommes Frites) seem to be extremely pleased that fries can be prepared differently and served with a variety of goodies, other than ketchup. For example, you can eat them with exotic mustards and mayonnaise or drowned in vinegar, curry sauce, or even with a peanut satay sauce. All are for sale at Pommes Frites. The selection of toppings for your frites includes everything from the familiar to the exotic and is limited only by imagination.

           Pommes Frites sales' policies include allowing the customer to sample the frites and taste any and every sauce until satisfied. With the help of the amazing potato, Pommes Frites will continue to join the ranks of other famous street foods and become a part of American culture.

Authentic Belgian Fries
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